Laser safety, product safety and conformity assessment are key
areas within the laser industry where Pro Laser Consultants have
specialist expertise. Established in 1991, Pro Laser Consultants
are an independent consultancy with a wide range of skills in the
technology and applications of lasers.

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Important Notice: Closure of Pro Laser /Pro Laser Consultants

Pro Laser was founded in 1991 by Dr Mike Green. Amongst our many activities have been the running the UK part of the EU Eureka project 643 ‘Safety in the Industrial Applications of Lasers’ (1992 – 96) and providing full secretarial services for the Association of Industrial Laser Users (1995 – 2015). Pro Laser has also always provided laser safety consultancy and this activity was greatly strengthened when Mike Barrett joined Pro Laser in 2001, bringing with him 22 years of experience in the laser industry, including active membership on the National (BSI) and International (IEC and ISO) laser safety standards’ bodies. Together, ‘the two Mikes’ helped to establish the Association of Laser Safety Professionals (2004 – present) and Pro Laser took on an increasingly strong position in the UK as an independent laser safety consultancy providing unique bespoke in-house training and documentation services.

We, Mike Green and Mike Barrett, have now jointly decided that the time has come to retire from laser safety activities in order to pursue other interests whilst we are still active and in good health.  As a consequence, Pro Laser Consultants has now ceased trading.

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Mike Barrett

31 December 2016

We offer expertise in four main areas:

Safety training

In-house LSO, safety awareness and refresher training, tailored to specific laser use for research and industrial use of lasers.
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Product Safety, Projects & Applications

Design of laser products, conformity checks and documentation.
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Workplace Safety

Design of laser areas, conformity to regulations for health and safety in the workplace, risk assessments.
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Facility-wide Safety Management Systems

Initiation of Safety Management Policies and Systems appropriate to your organisation to ensure a safe working environment including risk assessments and Fire Regulation Appraisals.
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Our work ranges from specific projects for individual clients where we offer technical solutions, to more general research projects for international consortia where we help define the programme, find partners and obtain grants.

By using Pro Laser Consultants you minimise money lost on laser sales disputes, time lost in Factory Inspector visits, and you have the comfort of free telephone support.

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Mike Green


Principal consultants Mike Green and Mike Barrett are supported by a team of associates working within the scientific research and industrial laser fields.


Pro Laser are members of the Association of Laser Safety Professionals



Mike Barrett

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